Toronto’s Annual 2021 IWD Rally: Rising Above the Pandemic
Saturday March 6, 1pm, live online at:
(no facebook account required) or watch later

TORONTO/CNW/ – Toronto’s International Women’s Day rally and march on Saturday March 6 will combine the stories of women with the energy and passion of our annual march and rally.

Uniting under the banner “Rising Above the Pandemic” our live-hosted rally will feature IWD speakers on the key issues facing women in the pandemic – as workers, as older women, as First Nations women, and as racialized women.

Our rally highlights the challenges of inadequate supports for long term care, First Nations self-determination, working conditions for child care staff and the crisis of evictions as a result of gentrification and loss of incomes.

We will feature activists from Black Lives Matter as well as migrant justice movements and members of the Kurdish community working to educate and inform us all on human rights issues back home and around the world.

Jess Thomas, an Early Childhood Educator, was laid off because of the pandemic, wondering how they was going to pay their bills. As the government allowed non-qualified staff to work and the employer hired supply staff, Jess worked to get themselves and their co-workers recalled to work.

“We just want to be able to do our jobs, have decent work, decent pay and benefits that allow us not to be burnt out. Our collective strength will win. We can lift each other up”, said Jess.
Valerie Steele from the Black Lives Matter said: “Please don’t tell me that defunding the policy will never happen – every year we as citizens watch as government defunds education and defunds health care”.

Patricia Edwards from ACORN spoke about the need to stop renovictions and evictions. “We need affordable housing for women and families – we need this now!”

The International Women’s Day March is one of Toronto’s most diverse events. Organized by a coalition of community groups, students, and trade unions, and sponsored by Women Working with Immigrant Women, the event normally brings together thousands of women, men, non-binary, and gender-diverse people to march for equality and justice. This year we expect an even larger group to join from local and international locations.

For more information on the International Women’s Day 2021 event visit Toronto is the only city in North America with an annual IWD March every year since 1978.

For further information: For media inquiries please contact: Jenny Ahn, 416-271-3489 or Andrea Calver 416-434-8031